Trophies Missing from 2019

The Chairman and Committee would like to thank all the 2019 trophy winners who have returned their trophies.


Unfortunately we have still got 19 trophies which have not been returned – this is from 13 members who despite being sent letters listing the trophies, in with their Spring Newsletter, have made no effort to:-

  1. Return them or
  2. Make contact with the club as to why not.

If they are not returned before or at the September show your names will be published and we do have a policy to bill winners who refuse to return trophies.

The club has trophies for 3 events held throughout the year and relies on winners to return them on time. Imagine the disappointment of the child or adult who could not receive a trophy because of your reluctance in returning your trophy.

We hope the 13 involved will return them as requested.