Awaiting Return of Trophies

The club is still awaiting outstanding trophies to be returned for the Annual Show (AS)  and Willow Nook Show (WN). These should have been returned at the May and June shows. Time is running out for Margaret and Emily to get every trophy renumbered, repaired and in some cases give them a good clean. Would you like to explain the reasons to the next winner of your missing trophy as to why at is not available at the show????

If your name is on the list below please get any trophies returned before the July show or bring it to the show with a good excuse!!!!


Annual Show:

Emmie Outram

Elizabeth Mabbett

Harry Clark

Lilly Jackson

Martha Kerrane

Olivia Craven

Alyssia Jones

Alex-Lea Forsyth

Matilda Murphy

Holly Copp


Willow Nook:

Emmie Outram

Liam Freeman

Harry Clark

Martha Kerrane


If, since the last committee meeting you have returned any of the above – thank you.